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Basic Profile
Age: 26
Birthday: July 10
Sign: Cancer
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Country: Saudi Arabia
Ethnicity: Middle Eastern
Height: 5 ft 3 in / 160-162 cm
Weight: 120 lbs/ 54 kg
Bra Size:
Favorite Position:
Eye Color: Green eyes
Hair Color: Black Hair
Smoker: By Request
Languages: English
*****MISS JANUARY 2013*****

******"Be yourself,everyone else is taken"******

Not just any woman, a very special One. I was born at 1 pm 10 july 1986.I was a simple person until i discovered sides of my personality that i wasnt aware of but defines who i really am.I didnt knew life will be so complicated and that i like to make it even more that way. I am a Woman who cannot be overlooked in the crowd. With a sharp mind and a beautiful body .
In character, in manners, in style in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity.
I cannot emphasize enough how much this experience is
going to change the landscape of our lives.
It will as well unleash a new level
of erotism and sensuality.On a personal level ,we are all
going to learn to trust that inner knowing more, to seek
ways to connect and trust in our higher power.
I admit i like being adored by
strong mans,and the weak ones.If "Pleasure"is the common
word for u and me ,then u can say is ME what u are looking
I lead,i teach,i take control and
use pathetic inferior creatures who worship the ground i
walk on.
I make others work for me and is
perfect natural.I grab something inside you from the
moment u crave to belong to me,from the moment u feel that
your ultimate happiness is my pleasure.
Is not easy and i know it, it is a
commitment with a very high price tag.Dont approach me, if
u think your feelings or wishes have no asemblance with
mine. i dont like being labeled so to avoid that to happen i talk now for thos who dont know me so ,let get to bussines cause many wonder IF:
IF i am usualy a positive person
IF i like sex
IF i was ever drunk
IF i am kinky and what are my fantasies
IF i am afraid of something
IF i like porn
IF i like money
IF i like someone
IF i was ever inlove
IF i like bjs
IF i ever cheated
IF i like competition
IF i do bad thing somethimes
IF i like to talk about sex
U know what?U think is shitty or not my answer to all is YES
And still many answers to give but i'll answer to thos who allready asked me IF :
IF i take drugs
IF i like gang bangs
IF i like incest fantasies
IF my parentes like what im doing
IF i am a patien person
IF i smile always
IF i ever took money for sex
If i was aware of all those a while a go
For all those my answer is simple :FUCK NO!



*How much money u want to f*ck with me
in real?

*I dont date first of all.So F*ck NO!

*Can u stick 2 dildo"s in your ass?

-I have never tried to push my
limits.But if i see u with 2 dildos in your ass, i might
consider that a challange ,and think about it.

*Can i see your pu*sy/a*s/t*ts in free
chat for a long pvt?

-I think this is the most st*pid
question ever.IF i show u in free chat,why u would u come
in pvt?Anyway nudity, during free chat is totally

*Can u help me ?I have a fantasy with
my moth*r/sister?

-No,but i know someone who can"

*What size of co*k u like?

-I clasify them like this : Under 8
cm:RIDICULOUS :)),between 8 cm and 10 HARMLESS,between 10
and 12 INSIGNIFICAT,,between 12-14 ADMISSIBLE,between 14
and 19 JOY, between 19-25 DELIGHT and over 25 cm SCARY

-Can u put a finger in your nose while
u play with pussy and ass pls?????

*Im laughing on inside to see what else he can come up with :))

_Can u pretend youre my oldgrandma in pvt and tell me to fuck you ?
I dont undersyand this guy:either he is fucking sick either his  grandma is a old fucking sexy broad ...

forhad7861: are you for sell in real life?

Uhmm yeah..sure i am also on ebay new version with wheels and green body car

rozza8: ever let your dogs lick you before?
rozza8 has 00:07:00 remaining.
﷯ ranyah: no
﷯ ranyah: i have never did that
﷯ ranyah: bcz there is a fine line between sexual fantasy and mental illness

Can i put my whole hand in pussy ?lets find out ..
natedawgg6969: stic ur hand in there baby
ranyah: fist
﷯ ranyah: ?
natedawgg6969: yes
natedawgg6969 has 00:05:00 remaining.
natedawgg6969: alll the way
﷯ ranyah: all the way how ?
﷯ ranyah: all hand ?
natedawgg6969: make it work bb
﷯ ranyah: lol
﷯ ranyah: u want me to cut my hand
﷯ ranyah: and put it there ?
natedawgg6969 has 00:04:00 remaining.
natedawgg6969: lolz to it to ur asshole to bb
natedawgg6969 has 00:03:00 remaining.
natedawgg6969: all the way to the wrist bb
natedawgg6969: n do it doggie
﷯ ranyah: wtf u think i am ?houdini ?
natedawgg6969 has 00:02:00 remaining.
natedawgg6969: yes
﷯ ranyah: lol
﷯ ranyah: dont u want a kidney transplant here
﷯ ranyah: on live ?

I have failed my career...i will become a magician.What?Others think i can

99zhwah: Can you shit there and eat it by yourself?
All i would say to this ..guy is WOW..

caution1990: : if i take you private will you spit in the air and let it dribble down your face?

-My opinin is that :It's better to let someone think you are an Idiot than to open your mouth and prove it.

aarmand89:how u dare to make fun of all those people from your bio?
I use sarcasm because beating the shit out of people is illegal

And the list remains

Advice for those who are not in
my fan club: Come in fan club (we have cookies)!

And if u read till the end your reading skills increased with +1 point ! Congrats hahaha
sunny days,smart and funny people,surprises,french kiss and green papers with dead guys on them :)))
Excessively aggressive men,drama queen's,time waisters,goalless and  judgmental people and  :)) desperate models that copy my style and my bio page.imitation is the highest form of flattery.I am flattered ,feeds my ego ..:)
Kinky Attributes
Tattoos, Shaved
Ass Play, Bondage, Dildos, Discipline, Domination, Foot, High Heels, Latex, Leather, Masturbation, Nurse/Doctor, Oral Fixation, Role Playing, Toys, Voyeurism
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